Our Mission


Joe Hartnett

Dayle D. Hartnett, PhD

We hope to educate and inspire audiences on important aspects of history, scientific discoveries, social institutions, and multiculturalism with the goal of initiating discourse and change. 

“I think it’s inevitable that people will come to find the documentary a more compelling and more important kind of film than fiction. Just as in literature, as the taste has moved from fiction to nonfiction, I think it’s going to happen in film as well. In a way you’re on a serendipitous journey, a journey which is much more akin to the life experience. When you see somebody on the screen in a documentary, you’re really engaged with a person going through real life experiences. So for that period of time, as you watch the film, you are, in effect, in the shoes of another individual. What a privilege to have that experience.” —Albert Maysles