The Untold Story of the 1st Native American at NASA
Who Helped to Save the Apollo 13 Crew
As a young Native American growing up in Oklahoma, Jerry Elliott dreamed it was his destiny to land men on the moon. When he was five, he had a vision. “I told my mother the vision and she said, ‘Keep the vision, believe the vision and achieve it,’” Elliott recalls. “I knew at an early age what my role in life was to be.”
High Eagle, Elliott’s Native name, is the 1st NASA physicist of Native American heritage. For his part in helping to save the Apollo 13 crew and bringing them back to Earth, he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom
How Did the High Eagle Project Begin?
In 2020, film director Sebastian Rogers released a short film on Facebook called Grandmother,
a metaphorical story narrated by Mark Charles expressing how it feels to be a Native American living with a dominant culture that seems unaware that Native culture thrived for thousands of years before European contact.
An empathic viewer connected Rogers with Jerry Elliott (High Eagle). The two men bonded immediately and Rogers was invited to come to Elliott’s home in Houston. In December 2020, Rogers conducted 10 hours of interviews capturing High Eagle’s life story for the benefit of future generations.
Your generous donation will help complete the filmmakers’ mission - to make a documentary film about the accomplishments of High Eagle. 

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High Eagle and The Moon

High Eagle, Moon
Eagle painting by Navajo Artist Leland Holiday
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