With One Tied Hand Documentary Film, Buffalo Soldiers
Pacific Film Foundation documentary about
World War II Buffalo Soldier Ivan J. Houston
Though American military veterans liberated others worldwide at immense sacrifice, a little told American story is the unique liberation of the Tuscan people by the Buffalo Soldiers of WWII who returned home to a 'Jim Crow' America.

Now this history comes to life in With One Tied Hand, a documentary film from Pacific Film Foundation.
Our story illuminates the Italian viewpoint. Tuscans, impoverished and starving in WWII, feel they owe their lives and freedom today to the Buffalo Soldiers, whom they lovingly dubbed 'Giganti Buoni' (Good Giants). An Italian eyewitness told the filmmakers, β€œThey came down the mountain and freed us, and took care of us.” 
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With One Tied Hand, Documentary, Buffalo Soldiers, World War II
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Episode 1
From Ft. McArthur, CA to Rome
Episode 2
Crossing the Arno....
Episode 3
From Barga to Sommocolonia
Episode 4
Ivan Reads Flavio's Letter - Q&A
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