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Joe and Dayle Hartnett in Washington DC

The Evolution of Pacific Film Foundation

We founded Pacific Film Foundation in 2004 to make important documentary films about scientific breakthroughs, social justice, and civil rights. In 2021, we are dedicating our platform to creative content to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Joe Hartnett, Director
Dayle D. Hartnett, Ph.D., Producer 



As longtime educators, we have seen how young students tend to struggle to find their place in today’s chaotic world. Many can suffer from depression, existential angst, addictions, and mental health issues. Social media keeps them engaged, but it can also be unnerving.

Amid climate crisis and a global pandemic, the rise of extreme nationalism threatens democracies today just as it did in General John J. Pershing’s time. Racial prejudice was endemic 100 years ago, but who could imagine how a lack of moral leadership could reinforce the deadly racism currently afflicting us.

Pershing’s life story exemplifies how immigration strengthens us. Over 500,000 of Pershing’s troops in the American Expeditionary Forces were recent immigrants. The war could not have been won without these new Americans.

It is clear that there is an urgent need for honorable leaders to model hope, character, and moral values. The life of Pershing is critically important now in that he is an example of the kind of visionary leader the world currently needs. 

When we decided to cast young cadets, we were immediately encouraged to see that Pershing’s values seem to live on in them today. Our diverse group of cadets got along well with and supported each other without divisive issues of racism, sexism, or homophobia – a model microcosm. Via experiential learning, each grew greatly in his or her own way.

We are proud to show these young men and woman following the paths of this remarkable man who, despite a horrific personal tragedy, continued on all the while exemplifying courage, acceptance, and integrity both on and off the battlefield.

We also produced and directed the film “With One Tied Hand” which tells the story of the African American “Buffalo Soldiers” who helped liberate Tuscany in World War II, but then had to return to the “Jim Crow” conditions that still prevailed in America.


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